After the news broke that the Obamas could soon have their own show on Netflix, Trump supporters lost their control.

As reported by all major media outlets on Friday, former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama are close to signing a deal with Netflix to produce an exclusive new show that would focus on a variety of topics, ranging from inspirational stories to healthy eating.

The New York Times reports that Obama adviser Eric Schultz spoke to the New York Times on Friday and said that the former president and first lady “believe in the power of storytelling to inspire.”

However, for the eight years that Barack Obama was in office, conservatives on the Fox News Channel marked him as public enemy. Along with most hosts on Fox News, right-wing viewers have been just as critical of the Obama years.

Fox News tweeted about the news of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama working on a deal with Netflix and received massive backlash from their right-wing followers. “Just what Netflix needs, more crappy shows,” one tweet read.

“Good bye Netflix. No business from me,” an angry Trump supporter wrote.

“Netflix is getting into the propaganda business?? Let me know when I should cancel my account,” a follow-up tweet stated.

“I’m not paying to watch him and I won’t. I couldn’t stand to watch him on TV for free….certainly would never pay for it,” a conservative Twitter user posted.

As expected, conservative viewers of Fox News were not pleased to hear that the Obamas could soon return to the spotlight in a new program on Netflix, which currently has over 100 million subscribers.