Trump supporters defend Trump’s ‘sh*thole’ racist remark. Conservatives claim that if nations like Haiti and El Salvador were doing well, people wouldn’t be coming to the U.S. in the first place.


However, calling a country a “sh*thole” is racist, deeply offensive, entirely unproductive and seemingly counter to core American values.

HuffingtonPost reports; Beyond all that, the dismissive jab also conveniently skirts any deeper consideration of the many uncomfortable reasons why those nations are in bad shape today. It has everything to do with a centuries-long history of racism, exploitation and aggressive Western incursion, noted journalist Jonathan Katz, who recently wrote a book about Haiti.

“Racists have needed Haiti to be poor since it was founded,” he wrote. “They pushed for its poverty. They have celebrated its poverty. They have tried to profit from its poverty. They wanted it to be a shithole. And they still do.”