In the live video, the Southern University graduate, social activist and all-around Dirty South hip-hop vet David Banner asserted that it is Black women, not Black men, who are becoming more of a target for persecution by Trump supporters. Visiting the University of Kentucky, Banner added that he spoke with the historically Black male fraternity Omega Psi Phi, better known as the “Ques.” During the conversation, he challenged them to protect Black women at all costs.

Banner said that as the White “cowards” do gang up on a single Black male, they will also do the same to Black women.

“We gotta stop that s**t, bruh,” he said. “We gotta send out a message to everybody that if you touch one of our women in any way, we coming down.”

These sentiments follow closely behind a slew of incidents that have been largely publicized involving Trump supporters harassing, tormenting and even assaulting Black and other minority citizens.

He also discussed some of his Godbox lecture tour, revealing that he is hitting smaller, underprivileged communities instead of larger cities.