In Cortlandt Manor, a Halloween tombstone decoration with “D. Trump: Burn in Hell” written on it, is causing a bit of controversy.

The gravestone is one of five on the yard, set up in front of a mock crime scene with yellow caution take and a fake corpse made of a rolled trash bag.

“I’m doing it for fun. It was a joke,” Fabian Vergara, who set out the display, said. “I like Halloween, so I don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s a free country.”

“I haven’t seen it, but I wouldn’t care either way,” said Ruud  Haring, who lives across the street from Vergara. “It’s definitely freedom of speech, right?”

However, some residents find it distasteful.

Theresa Gucciardo-Perry, a fellow neighbor, was so disgusted with the display that she called Cortlandt officials to see if they could force Vergara to take it down.

“I want to know how far freedom of speech goes,” she said. And she doesn’t just want the displays gone—she wants her neighbor gone too. “Fabian needs to be removed from the neighborhood,” Theresa said.

When she went to Vergara to ask him to remove the display, he said yes. But the Ecuadorian native changed his mind when his neighbor told him to go back to his country.

“It’s not fair,” Vergara said. “That’s not the right way to treat me, like that.”

“The man had no intentions of removing it,” Gucciardo-Perry said. She claimed that she “welcomed him to the neighborhood” when he moved in earlier this year.

“Is this about Halloween or about you making a political statement?” she said. “You don’t like it here? Get the hell out.”

“What a strange Halloween thing,” she said. “I thought it was bizarre.”

“We know that Trump does not say nice things,” she admitted. Despite the President himself being incapable of doing so, she thinks it is important to be respectful of authority.

“I fight for what I believe,” she declares.

But when someone else fights for what they believe, Trump supporters wants them deported. Trumpsters don’t seem to understand how Free Speech works.

Earlier this week, a Massachusetts elementary school apologized to outraged parents after its Halloween decorations included a gravestone with the name “Don Trump.”