John McCain is currently staying at his ranch, taking time to meet with old friend as his brain cancer progresses. The senator plans to have former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama speak at his funeral.

When Former Vice President Joe Biden visited John McCain in Arizona last Sunday, their discussion turned to the state of civil discourse in the country.

“Here John knows he’s in a very, very, very precarious situation, and yet he’s still concerned about the state of the country,” Mr. Biden said in an interview. “We talked about how our international reputation is being damaged and we talked about the need for people to stand up and speak out.”

It’s no secret that McCain has had a combative relationship with Donald Trump. On the campaign trail, Trump stated that McCain was not “a war hero,” saying, “I like people who don’t get captured.”

Meghan McCain tweeted that she was “disgusted” and “horrified” by Trump’s remarks. “I can’t believe what I am reading this morning.” The elder McCain spent five years in a prison of war camp in Hanoi, Vietnam after his dive bomber was shot out of the sky. He suffered two broken arms and a broken leg. While McCain was offered the opportunity to leave early by his captors due to the fact that his father was a high-ranking naval admiral, he refused, citing a code of conduct that prevented soldiers from accepting special favors.

Trump never served in the military after receiving a 1-Y medical deferment for a medical condition known as “bone spurs,” which exempted him from the draft.

However, Trump supporters are accusing McCain of being a traitor, and say there will be consequences if Trump is not invited.

“When is he scheduled to be executed? Treason is a serious crime,” – Jamel Brown wrote on Twitter.

Lisa Mei added; “John McCain should be more worried about his soul at this moment for the evil he has participated on top of committing multiple acts of treason against our constitutional republic.”

Robert Hendricks is a big fan of the current president. He threatened McCain; “Someone oughta be keeping an eye on the old guy before he tries to slither away without receiving his just deserves.
I know they can’t arrest ALL but this guy MUST PAY and not be allowed to get away.
Rather see him close his eyes in a cell than under a palm tree!”