Stormy Daniels’ interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Sunday exposed stories about her affair with Donald Trump, sparking not only a huge outcry from the president’s supporters but also a slew of attacks aimed at discrediting the adult actress.

In a particularly pathetic effort on behalf of the rumor mill, the attack against the adult actress that got the most traction was aimed at the dilation of her pupils, supposedly suggesting Daniels was on drugs during the interview.

Other weak aefforts to justify this assault on Daniels’ credibility used Cooper’s smaller pupils as a reference point to show just how strung out they thought Daniels looked in the interview.

“What drug is Stormy Daniels on? In a well lit interview her pupils are dilated AF! Anderson Coopers are normal. You know they have lights on them �� #StormyDaniels #60Minutes,” one Trump supporter wrote.

President Trump only validated the likely false attacks on Daniels by tweeting:

“So much Fake News. Never been more voluminous or more inaccurate,’ the president huffed. ‘But through it all, our country is doing great!”