According to reports, ex-New York Giants player, Nikita Whitlock, left his Moonachie, New Jersey home with his family. But when they returned, he noticed that his home had been vandalized. The suspects wrote the words “Trump,” “KKK,” “F–g N—r,” and “Go Back to Africa” on the walls. They also stole jewelry and several game consoles.

The incident took place in a town that is nearly 80 percent White and only 1 percent African-American, according to the Census. Before the incident, Whitlock told reporters that he didn’t have any issues within the community. But Whitlock did recall an older White woman making a racist joke about him not being violent because of his NFL salary.

Since the presidential election, over 1,000 hate crimes have been reported across the country. Moreover, several Trump supporters have been fired for making racist statements.

The president has done very little to calm his supporters who have reacted with racist speech and violence. Instead, Trump has spent more time insulting people, businesses, and SNL on Twitter.