Like other Palm Beach County employers who staff their clubs with foreign workers, the president is boosting the number of employees he’s bringing from overseas this winter.

President Trump won permission to hire 70 maids, cooks and servers at the Mar-a-Lago Club for the 2017-18 tourist season, according to newly released data from the U.S. Labor Department. In 2016-17, Trump hired 64 foreign workers at the Palm Beach property.

Under similar circumstances, Trump has been accused of treating a 17-year-old Jamaican national like a ‘slave’ after bringing her to the U.S on a visa he claims is widely abused.

Alexa Palmer is now suing the Trump Model Management, alleging she was not treated in line with the promises the firm initially made.

They took 80 per cent of her earnings in fees and expenses, leaving her with earnings in three years of $3,880 and $1,100 in cash advances, she said.

‘That’s what slavery people do,’ she said. ‘You work and don’t get no money.’

‘I’d say that somebody’s got some explaining to do,’ Robert Divine, a former chief counsel to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency told ABC News.

‘It would be extraordinarily unusual for that to be legal.’

Hiring workers from abroad seems to contradict Trump’s public pronouncements. The president has publicly shamed Carrier Corp., Ford Motor and others for moving manufacturing jobs to Mexico.

During a March 2016 presidential debate, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio criticized Trump for bringing in workers from overseas, saying American citizens could fill the jobs.