President Trump, who gave legitimacy to White supremacist groups, dated a Black woman.

Kara Young was Trump’s girlfriend for two years back in the 90s. Young is surprised that her ex-boyfriend is up to his neck in racial controversy. “I never heard him say a disparaging comment towards any race of people,” she told the New York Times.

Trump meet Young, a model about 20 years younger than him, at a party in the Hamptons. He pursued her, and they began dating around 1997.

She has a Black mother and a White father, told the newspaper that she never hid her race from him.

Young was “horrified” by his comments on the violence in Charlottesville, in which Trump asserted a moral equivalence between White supremacists and anti-racism counter-protesters.

That’s not the Donald Trump that she knew. She emphasized, “That was not my experience.”

Young revealed that Trump didn’t have close friendships with Black people, but he courted Black celebrities, which to her indicates that he is open-minded.

“It’s definitely easier to be with your own kind. It’s easier for everybody, so if someone is super, super special and super, super interesting you can take them out,” she told the newspaper. “I think it was very interesting to him to meet and hang out with Russell Simmons and meet Sean Combs.”

At the same time, Young admitted that her ex-boyfriend knew little about other cultures and leaned toward stereotypes.

She recalled his surprise that African-Americans would flocked to the U.S. Open tennis tournament to watch the Williams sisters play. Trump had no clue that Black people were interested in that sport.