Trump’s relations with the women in his life have come under observation lately as the president allegedly treats his daughter Ivanka like his wife.

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by journalist Michael Wolff exposes details about the chaos inside Trump’s inner circle, including all of the salacious infighting and betrayals which have destabilized the Oval Office since Trump became president.

Newsweek reports that the relationships between Trump and the women in his life are stranger than he would probably want the public to know. Allegedly, Donald Trump views former model and current White House Communications Director Hope Hicks as a daughter figure and views his daughter Ivanka as his wife.

“[Hope] Hicks was in fact thought of as Trump’s real daughter, while Ivanka was thought of as his real wife,” writes Wolff in his book.

It’s absolutely disgusting if true, but one that is not completely beyond the realm of possibility given the president extensive sordid history of overtly sexual remarks about his or her daughter. It has been a running joke that Trump lusts after his daughter, but one that perhaps deserves more consideration given Wolff’s allegations.

If so, it’s only the most recent example of sexual deviance from a man who has admitted to sexual assault on tape and been accused of raping a 13-year-old girl. Donald Trump is a person with no resembling a moral backbone, ” who goes after all his shriveled little soul desires.”