Trump’s rich donors have complained about Mar-a-Lago Club’s sad presentation of caviar, which came served with plastic spoons and ‘pathetic’ crackers.

‘The presentation of the caviar blew me away, with the tiny plastic spoons and the sad looking crackers,’ one of the guests told

‘We asked, “Where’s the rest of it?”‘ she said. The Ossetra caviar cost $125 and the entire meal for the party of four cost $1200.

‘The main entree was really, really good, the service was ok… it was just the presentation,’ the guest said.

Though Trump had planned to be in Mar-a-Lago all weekend, the government shutdown crisis forced him to remain in Washington DC.

For the “Winter White House,” and for a billionaire’s favorite place to waste taxpayer money, the place is starting to become an overly-priced sh*thole.

Florida health inspectors failed Mar-a-Lago for poor maintenance just a couple of months ago.

It required emergency repairs in order to pass a November inspection by Florida health inspectors, the Miami Herald reported.