Trump’s spiritual adviser says Catholicism is a “cult-like pagan religion” and the success of the religion is due to “the genius of Satan.”

Dr. Robert Jeffress, a Southern Baptist pastor, says that the Roman Catholic Church is the result of the Babylonian cult system founded by the Book of Revelation in a video posted on YouTube by RWW Blog.

People mocked Jeffress for making the comments on the religion.

“He endorsed Rick Perry over Mitt Romney in 2012 on the grounds that Mormonism is a cult,” said co-founder of Vox, Matthew Ygelsias.

The comments come after President Trump praised and promoted Jeffress for his new book, A Place Called Heaven: 10 Surprising Truths About Your Eternal Home.

“Great book just out, “A Place Called Heaven,” by Dr. Robert Jeffress – A wonderful man,” said Trump.


The pastor has been a longtime Trump supporter. In July, Trump tweeted a flier to promote the “Celebrate Freedom” concert and rally in Washington where Jeffress spoke. The First Dallas Baptist Church, Jeffress’s mega church, was one of the event’s sponsors.