Every year men and yes even women wait excitedly for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. And why not? It is the showcase of the beautiful women in history of mankind.

These Angels out-of-the-world looks, infectious smile and gorgeous bodies have eyes glued. Their toned physiques especially give us body goals definitely. Let’s find out how can they look gorgeous and stay in shape at the same time.

I love the Victoria’s Secret Angels. They’re sort of my gorgeous glamour heroes.

– Jennifer Love Hewitt

Adriana Lima 

Source : forbes.com

This Brazilian beauty has been an Angel since 2000. She is the most admired supermodel at Victoria’s Secret and as time passes, her number of followers keep increasing.  Adriana has a passion for boxing, she’s been practicing it for over 10 years. She loves boxing so much that she doesn’t do other routines such as spinning, aerobics and yoga. And why not? Boxing is intense, one gets toned and it is fun. Apart from boxing, she’s also into cardio and jumping. The mother-of-two eats steamed vegetables and meats, nothing fried. She drinks a lot of water, smoothies and munches on fruits. The 5’10 ½ ‘’ lady doesn’t starve, she eats healthy balanced meals and works out religiously.

Miranda Kerr 

Source: braperucci.com

This Australian model is jack of all trades. She’s a mother, has her own brand of organic skincare products, and author of a self-help book. Miranda says that exercise is an indispensable part of her lifestyle. Unless she hasn’t done something to raise her heartbeat, she does not feel her best. She loves working out in the morning. Her workout starts with 30 minutes of yoga, then strength training or Pilates. Kerr eats green vegetables, eggs, chicken, turkey and fish cooked either in coconut or macadamia-nut oil. She also loves drinking green smoothies and snacks on chi seeds, nuts and fresh fruits. The drop-dead gorgeous woman avoid sugar and wheat and drinks 2-3 liters water every day.

Candice Swanepoel

Source: gotceleb.com

Candice is a South African model who became an Angel in 2010. With her ethereal look, hourglass figure and long toned legs, she definitely has one of the most envious bodies in the world. When it comes to workout, she practices a combination of ballet and aerial yoga to stay in shape. The 5’9’’ model is also into jumping ropes, kickboxing and yoga. Her workouts are ever intense or tiring. Swanepoel believes on working out with quality and not quantity. Food has never affected her much, she was lanky from childhood. She eats healthy, her meals include vegetables, proteins, eggs, fruits and steak. She drinks a lot of water and can occasionally indulges in pizza and Brazilian cheese.