Weekly Horoscope, December 19 – December 25



Work – Nothing goes as planned this week, but because you have a plan B. happiness is still on your side.

Love – Love problems bother you, because you have not listened to your heart and play with other people’s feelings.

Health – You will feel good this week.



Work – You must and have to try a little harder, if you want to be successful in what you do.

Love – You still have a chance to start a love affair this year. Sunday, a day full of possibilities.

Health – More exercise.



Work – Hard week and a lot of work. You will want to rest and relax, but for you is very important to present yourself in a good light.

Love – Your partner will be your source of strength this week.

Health – Pain in the neck and back.



Work – Everything goes as expected and you can now calmly ready for next year.

Love – Partner is in bad mood, let it go, soon it will be over.

Health – You will feel quite good.



Work – Trust only to yourself, because your instincts and inner voice never betrayed you, about your business plans.

Love – Emotional connection on the horizon. A person in uniform you constantly think.

Health – You are in a good condition.



Work – You do not know which side you would rather go and what to do. This situation at work is something completely new for you.

Love – It goes for its own peaceful path so far, and you love it.

Health – Lack of sleep.



Work – Obey superiors, because you do not have all the wisdom of the world to put yourself over them.

Love – New situations, going exactly as you afraid it of.

Health – More exercise.



Work – You are well organized and therefore you deserve all the benefits of the business area. Keep going.

Love – You are in love, and that is what matters, even more important than to be loved – because it gives special power.

Health – You don’t need a diet.



Work – If one project failed, it does not mean that others will be such, have more confidence in what you do.

Love – The emotional standstill make you depressed. Do not lose hope, because you never know. This week you are on the brink of change.

Health – Eat fruit.



Work – Is it hard for you to change your workplace, is that what you want most? Nothing is impossible, just find the most favorable conditions.

Love – In love again – blooming roses, same as in May.

Health – Good.



Work – Boredom at work makes you tired, so you lose concentration and creativity. Find new motivation.

Love – You are in love and you feel beautiful this week.

Health – Good.



Work – You want to solve the current financial situation, but you don’t see the solution, which is in front of you.

Love – Partner understands you, even when you yourself, do not understand.

Health – Good.