Dear readers this is our new weekly Horoscope, December 25 – January  :


Work – You will be overloaded with work tasks, but at the same time you will be bothered by the injustice which was done recently. Will you miss the tangible assets you want – the financial situation will significantly improve after the New Year.

Love – An interesting acquaintance in New Year’s Eve, but make sure it will not be long-term and very important for you.

Health – Headaches.


Work – Good news arriving for members on this sign. In early 2017 it is possible to change the workplace, and for all unemployed, possibilities to find the job you want.

Love – The luck will definitely be on your side.

Health – More exercise, and watch for your neck spine.


Work – The best would be for members of this air sign to react calmly in the circumstances and to the people around them. You can choose an important property issue that has been dragging for a long time.

Love – If you are single, this period requires from you to show a little more courage to change the current situation.

Health – Good.


Work – Many cancer will get the long desired improvement in this period. Expect help from close relatives or friends.

Love – Not satisfied with your look and have a little work to it – to be more willing to yourself and your surroundings.

Health – Possible headaches.


Work – Expect person you knew in the past, to help you in terms of work. Possible earnings in the new year.

Love – During this period it is possible to show interest in adventures and secret communications. Hard you can control the passions, so be careful.

Health – Spine problems.


Work – The ideal time to start your own business. Possible cooperation with foreigners.

Love – Passionate adventure, days around New Year. Virgins married are in stable relationships.

Health – Stomach aches.


Work – Hard to concentrate on work commitments and you will need someone who can keep you stabilized. Temperamental person will help.

Love – You will be nervous in a relationship and want to dominate the partner in every sense.

Health – Very good.


Work – The financial situation will be satisfactory. Reliable cattle before the new year.

Love – It will be an opportunity to start a new love affair. Not be able to resist the person will appear in your life.

Health – Possible infections.


Work – You have a strong desire to make money. You will be in an opportunity to collaborate with a younger female person who will help in this goal, and possibly launch a joint business.

Love – In love, you can rely on their partner – in every sense.

Health – Eat vegetable.


Work – Cash you expect will arrive soon, therefor you have no reason to be frustrated.

Love – There is a real opportunity to meet your soul mate, during the New Year holidays.

Health – Slow down on the food and alcohol.


Work – Be prepared for action and putting at risk, especially if you are running a private business. The results will be surprising good for you.

Love – You have to have a more serious approach when it comes to love.

Health – Low immunity.


Work – Someone will want to deceive you and it could be a close relative.

Love – Parallel connections are possible, but be careful not to regret later.

Health – Allergies and infections.