Smoking is the worst habit one can have, but people would rather enjoy a cigarette instead of worrying about their health.

What’s more, people do not actually know how dangerous smoking is. If you are not worried about your future, at least try to live a healthy life in the present.

Stop smoking and enjoy the health benefits at the very same moment you make the best decision in your life.

  • In the first 20 minutes your blood pressure will be reduced to normal.
  • Within 8 hours carbon monoxide levels in your bloodstream will be reduced by half, and oxygen level will come back to normal.
  • In 48 hours you will have reduced risk of heart attack. Nicotine will be completely eliminated from the body, and your senses of smell and taste will come back to normal.
  • In 72 hours you will be full of energy, and your airways will be able to relax.
  • In 2 weeks the blood circulation will improve, and it will continue so in the next 10 weeks.
  • In 3-9 months the capacity of your lungs will increase by 10%, and any respiratory problems, including coughing and breathing problems will start decreasing.
  • In 1 year the risk of heart attack will decrease by half.
  • In 5 years you will have the same risk of stroke as non-smokers.
  • In 10 years the risk of developing lung cancer will be the same as that of non-smokers.
  • In 15 years you will have the same risk of heart attack as non-smokers.

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So smoking is the perfect way to commit suicide without actually dying. I smoke because it’s bad, it’s really simple.

– Damien Hirst