Donald Trump reportedly tried to remove special counsel Robert Mueller back in December, The New York Times revealed this Tuesday.

Donald Trump allegedly attempted to remove Mueller after he became infuriated over reports that the special counsel had called upon a Deutsche Bank for it’s records on Trump’s finances.

However, Mueller’s team informed the White House that the reports were inconsistent and the president held back from the drastic move, the Times reported. Trump’s lawyers also did not believe that the reports were accurate, because Trump never kept his money in the bank.

The report falls on the same day that the White House confirmed that Trump thinks that he has the power to fire Robert Mueller.

The White House’s comments follow a day after a raid by FBI agents on the office of Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer. The Washington Post revealed this Monday that Cohen is under investigation for potential bank fraud, wire fraud and campaign finance violations.

The Times revealed this Tuesday that the agents who carried out the raid were seeking  out documents connected to payments made out to two women — adult-film actress Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal — who have both claimed to of had affairs with Trump several years ago.

The raid on Cohen enraged Trump, who branded the raid a “disgrace” and “an attack on our country in a true sense.”

The FBI raid on Cohen’s hotel room and office followed after federal prosecutors in Manhattan acquired a search warrant based, in part, on a personal referral by Robert Mueller.