Dating apps can be a tricky way to find your one true love and the current political climate is only upping the ante for singles looking to mingle, especially for president Trump supporters.

Take for instance, the saga of a girl who went on a date with a man she met on a dating app, only to discover that he was a Trump voter, something she found so unsavory that she had to end their date immediately.

Her Trump supporter date, a man by the name of Bryan Leib, who also happens to be the treasurer for the Philadelphia Young Republicans, spoke to and told the publication where the date went downhill.

He and the woman he met on a dating app had been enjoying drinks and a bird’s-eye view of the Philadelphia skyline.

Then she asked for whom he had voted in the presidential election. “Donald Trump,” Leib replied.

The woman stopped in her tracks and said, “You know what, Bryan? This has been a lot of fun, but I think we’re two completely different people,’” Leib, 32, of Center City, recalled. “And she literally got up and left.”

President Donald Trump is making life more difficult for his supporters.