The Master Cleanse Diet known as Maple Syrup Diet or The Lemonade Diet is diet written by Stanley Burroughs in 1976 that has recently come back being popular in a big way, specially between celebrities.

Beyoncé Knowles have been benefited from The Lemonade Diet and she used it to lose 50 pounds, rapid weight loss after gave a birth to a girl, Blue Ivy. Beyonce is using the diet as a regular maintenance cleanse to purge impurities from the body.

The great thing about McDonald’s is that they have a lot of different things on the menu. I love their salads.

– Beyoncé Knowles

  • Breakfast egg whites
  • Lunch 1 protein shake or fresh sliced turkey with capers
  • Snack 1 edamame or cucumbers with vinegar, cayenne pepper and lemon, berries or a green apple
  • Dinner 1 yellowtail sashimi with jalapenos and wasabi

The basic recipe for the Lemonade Diet is:

two tablespoons lime or lemon juice – half a lemon or lime

two tablespoons genuine Grade B maple syrup (not maple flavored syrup)

a pinch of cayenne pepper

eight ounces of cold or at room temperature water.

 Mix all of the ingredients and drink.  The recommendation is drinking between six to 12 glasses daily during the course of the cleanse, and drink whenever you are hungry.  Before bedtime and first thing in the morning, you can either drink a cup of herbal laxative tea or do salt water bathing.

Beyonce combines her diet plan with a workout routine with her personal trainer Marco Borges. Power Moves Training Philosophy involves exercising on the treadmill and following alternate exercises of running and sprinting and Beyonce can workout many of her muscle groups at a time. Beyonce is able to burn more calories in less time by doing interval training.

  1. Monday Workout – Five minute warm up session and circuit training. Circuit training combine exercises like reverse lunges, squats and press, cobra planks, push ups, pike push ups, bicycle crunches, straight leg crunches, reverse dips and V-ups. One minute treadmill sprint or one minute slow jogging is also included.
  2. Tuesday Workout – Front and back lunges, abdominal twists, overhead medicine ball squat, single leg dead-lift, lunge with twist, dumbbell rows, medicine ball lunge with twist, forearm plank and leg lift and treadmill workout, part from the circuit training exercises and cardiovascular exercises.
  3. Wednesday Workout – Wednesday is day for exercises like stability ball curls, jumping lunges, l-pull ups, reverse grip bicep curls, resistance ball chest press, shoulder raises, triceps extensions, twisting planks, shoulder raises, resistance ball chest press, medicine ball toe touches and treadmill sprint or run.