The media world was rocked by news that FOX News commentator Eric Bolling has been accused of sending pictures of his penis to several female co workers. According to FOX News insider, Bolling also harassed conservative commentator Ann Coulter by sending her an unsolicited photo of his penis.

“Apparently Eric texted her the pic and a message saying it was just as big as the black men she likes to f**k,” said Chip in an email.

Mediate reported Dr. Caroline Heldman also claimed Bolling repeatedly sexually harassed her.

In a Facebook post, Heldman said Bolling called her “Dr. McHottie” and told her he liked to have sex with women in his office.

He is currently suspended from making appearances on the network. The conservative political commentator is one of several FOX News employees and executives who have been accused of sexually harassing co-workers. The allegations cost former CEO Roger Ailes and anchor Bill O’Reilly their jobs.

Charles Payne is also currently suspended after it was revealed he was sleeping with FOX guest Scottie Nell Hughes. Both Payne and Bolling are married.