The National White Alliance has announced that White House advisor Steve Bannon, is the winner of its inaugural Caucasian of the Year award. Conservative political commentators Ann Coulter and Tomi Lahren were runners up.

“The Caucasian of the Year Award honors people who have promoted and upheld the cause of white people,” said Brian Blanc, president of the National White Alliance. “We feel that white people have lost ground over the last eight years. Mr. Bannon is helping white people regain their prominence.”

The White House Chief Strategist is responsible for many of the Trump administration’s policies which seemed to be designed to make America white again. The Trump administration has implemented a ban of Muslims from certain countries, is targeting mainly Latino illegal immigrants for deportation and wants to cut legal immigration in half.

Before he joined the White House administration, Steve Bannon was busy complaining that more than half of the CEOs in Silicon Valley are Asian. Apparently Bannon is also a fan of a racist French book titled, “The Camp of the Saints,” in which an army of feces-eating African immigrants attempts to invade Europe.

He has also worked as vice president of Cambridge Analytica‘s board, a data-analytics firm owned largely by the Mercer family, also co-owners of Breitbart News.