The 700 Club host Pat Robertson has been a Cold War Don Quixote for years. He’s been tilting at Russian windmills from atop his nightly perch at the 700 Club for the better part of three decades. In between reports on zany plots to drop Bibles on North Korea with balloons, warnings about “AIDS handshake rings,” and a healthy weekly dose of end-times fear-mongering, 700 Club host has used Russia as a frequent foil, often casting it as an apocalyptic beast or menace intent on destroying Israeland triggering Biblical prophecies held in the Book of Revelation.

Robertson defended Trump during a previous scandal by saying that boasts about groping women were an attempt to “look macho”—Russia is still Russia. Robertson use to say any weakness against the old foe, any waning of vigilance, will result in American cities being incinerated.

“I want you to know there are thousands of people praying for you and holding you up all the time.”

His first question on American relations with Russia focused on last week’s G-20 summit and asked Trump point blank if the country can trust Russian President Vladimir Putin’s assertions—likely referring to his denial of Russian interference in the 2016 elections. President Trump took a conciliatory stance, saying “I think we get along very well and I think that’s a good thing, that’s not a bad thing.” He pointed to a ceasefire in the Syrian War—a conflict that Robertson’s network has suggested will lead to Russian domination of Israel—as proof of the benefits of a working relationship.

Still, Robertson didn’t ask President Trump on the Russia investigation. Robertson didn’t push Trump at all. There were no questions about evil Russian plots, and relatively few references to nuclear war. He accepted the president’s answers without any serious challenge.

If Pat Robertson says Russia isn’t a problem, then it won’t be for thousands of his evangelical followers. And not only did Robertson accept Trump’s answers, he gave them his blessing as only a televangelist minister could, telling the president that “I want you to know there are thousands of people praying for you and holding you up all the time.”