Pinterest has launched something called the 100 Report, essential list of top trends that most of us will seek, share and endorse in 2017. From different areas of life, health, fitness, healthy food and fashion.

This are the hottest fashion trends for 2017, according to Pinterest;

The bell sleeve

It will be all about the retro bell sleeve in 2017. Just try not to dip them in your soup.

Pins, patches and stickers

Pins, patches and stickers become a real fashion trend, especially in Texas. The more, the better. You do not have to decide whether you have gone too far with the decorations or not.

Slip dresses

You don’t have to worry about putting away your favorite summery slip…

Camel coats

It’s time for a little camel coat eye candy to get us excited for fall. Every woman should own at least one. Nail this trend with neutral tones like khaki and nude.

Distressed denim

Its time for the lighter hues, higher waists and distressed denim climb.