Dear readers this is your new weekly horoscope for January 23 – January 29, 2017.


Work – Good financial period. Unemployed can expect possible employment.

Love – An ordinery date could turn into something more serious.

Health – Back spine problems.


Work – If you wait some legal decisions or issuing any licenses needed now is a favorable time for all – is an opportunity to deliver the same. The rapid pace with which you act will allow to achieve desired.

Love – Love life is under control, enjoy the magic moments.

Health – Stomach aches.


Work – Be humble your workplace. Favorable period for those dealing with commercial activity.

Love – Quite unstable situation in your love life.

Health – Migraines.


Work -It will need your own a decision to define your financial situation. Think nice.

Love – Surprise!

Health – Feet problems.


Work – It is possible to solve some trials attended lately. Do not hesitate about future plans and projects that you have planned, only go forward.

Love – Magical moments.

Health – Drink more liquids.


Work – You’ll have ambitious plans, expect a very good business offerings. The most important thing is to not give up and be persistent.

Love – Rich social life that will allow you to meet very interesting person.

Health – Neck problems.


Work – The circumstances of the job will change in your favor. Many things will favor in the following period.

Love – You may experience jealousy by a partner.

Health – Lot’s of positive energy.


Work – Expect help from influential female figure.

Love – Don’t be impulsive. The relationship with partner will improve. Enjoy!

Health – Headaches.


Work – The most essential is to organize in the forthcoming period. It is advisable to be more frugal.

Love – Possible problems in your family environment. Partner expects more attention from your side.

Health – Be carefull.


Work – Try to finish what you started. Some representatives of this sign will receive an offer for big business.

Love – Try to make a compromise.

Health – Possible lung and respiratory system problems.


Work – You will need to look out for changes in the future. Someone wants to interfere in your work, so be careful.

Love – Lot’s of flirting.

Health – Very Good.


Work – The best for the forthcoming period is to plan to invest in projects, but only in the long term.

Love – You will have a large amount of energy, and will shine in full glory.

Health – Eat vegetables.