For a moment there on 4th of July, it almost seemed Donald Trump had tweeted something presidential. After whole week of Twitter posts that were almost grotesque yesterday morning Trump simply tweeted “#HappyIndependenceDay #July4 #USA” along with what initially appeared to be a video of a chorus singing a patriotic American song.

The Twitter video posted by Trump was actually a chorus decked out patriotically, but singing a “Make America Great Again” song. Trump’s campaign slogan during the election was used for promoting racist and xenophobic policies that are incompatible with the true ideals that almost every American has always stood for.

Did President Trump found a way to desecrate the Fourth of July, by posting a song dedicated to himself instead of one dedicated to the nation?

Trump has once again reminded Americans that he’s a narcissistic sociopath with dictator tendencies.” – wrote Bill Palmer.

Many would say Trump’s tweet ruined the mood of the Fourth of July for any decent Americans who had to listen to the above narcissistic campaign song. Even more disturbing than his previous tweets over the past week. Is invoking the 25th Amendment is now more urgently needed than ever, if US wants to make it to the next Fourth of July intact?