President Donald Trump decides to cut US $5 billion aid to United Nations. The $5 Billion dollars is expected to be directed towards construction of border wall with Mexico.

It is “wasteful and counterproductive” spending Billions of dollars that does not serve U.S. interests. The Trump administration is proposing a 40% reduction of U.S. support for the United Nations and other global organizations.

The United States is in fact the United Nations’ largest supporter, providing nearly a quarter of its total revenues, and the American contribution continues to grow annually. This financial commitment is particularly burdensome given the current fiscal crisis and ballooning national deficits and national debt. And while the United States’ financial support for the United Nations is enormous, the United Nations often pursues an agenda that is contrary to American interests.” – says an introduction to the order.

Building a 2,000-mile wall along the Mexican border was one of President Trump’s key pledges in the election campaign.

A nation without borders is not a nation. Beginning today the United States gets back control of its borders.” – Donald Trump.

Trump told MSNBC in February, he could finish the wall for $8 billion. The actual cost of the wall have varied widely, but one is sure, it will be quite expensive.

The Bernstein Research group conducted a study in July and estimated the total costs could be as high as $16 million per mile, with a total price tag of $15 billion to $25 billion.

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