Your new horoscope for the first week of the new 2017 year, January 01 – January 07.


Work – You show skills in various situations in your workplace, but beware, without someone’s support and assistance you will not be able to do what you have imagine. So do not underestimate the abilities of others.

Love – No need to repress your emotions in front of a loved one, your partner certainly wants to please you in every possible way.

Health – A little more exercise.


Work – Allow yourself larger cooperation in various businesses and more assistants also – expand the circle of business acquaintances. It will be very beneficial in the following period.

Love – Do not be fooled by the unrealistic fantasy and the fact you have created it yourself. You should be able to see the truth.

Health – Improve your concentration.


Work – Your discretion may give a false impression among your associates. Be more open.

Love – The most important thing at this time is to show responsibility for the beloved person and to define yours and their wishes.

Health – Good.


Work – You’re forced to face the truth, may be somewhat unfavorable for you. You can count on support from members of your family.

Love – Get out more and date, be among more people.

Health – Low immunity.


Work – You will get some remarks about your work, but you should stay positive and accept them without hard feelings.

Love – Emotionally unsatisfied, you can’t always get what you want.

Health – Spine problems.


Work – Things go great lately, so please do not hide behind the “false modesty”.

Love – Do as your conscience tells you.

Health – Encourage positive thoughts.


Work – The gatherings this week will be of extraordinary advantage for your further improvement.

Love – Encourage positive mood with your partner – is up to you.

Health – Lot’s of positive energy.


Work – With your abilities, you will make great influence among your associates and together you will go forward at work.

Love – Carefully choose your emotional partner.

Health – Eat vegetables.


Work – Over reaction it can be at your cost.

Love – Partner has remarks to your behavior. Consider your actions.

Health – Avoid nervous situations.


Work – You need to express on yours own way and that can lead you in conflict with your colleagues or associates. Remember, it can’t always be your way.

Love – Be critical of yourself, and realistic to the beloved person.

Health – Use spare time to relax.


Work – You will have to defend your views, regardless of the opinion of your surroundings.

Love – You know how to animate a loved one, and thus to get everything you want.

Health – Very Good.


Work – Use your “diplomatic” ability, you will need them more than anything this week .. You have lack of good will and confidence.

Love – Do not be so harsh with your partner.

Health – Proper nutrition.